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Amazon opens first cash register-free store
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Amazon will open its first cash register-free store in Seattle today, near its main office. The trial with its own employees will now be extended to the general public.

Lidl dials down its American ambitions
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Lidl had hoped to have about a hundred stores in the United States by the summer, but will be forced to adjust its first-year goals. The German chain currently has 49 stores in the United States.

Nutella acquires Nestlé's American chocolate division
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Nestlé and Ferrero struck a deal regarding the former’s American chocolate division. The Nutella manufacturer will pay 2.4 billion euro to become the world’s third largest chocolate manufacturer. At the same time, Nestlé can turn its attention to healthier options in the United States.

“Ferrero close to Nestlé's American chocolate division"
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Italian Ferrero and Swiss Nestlé are close to a deal for the former to acquire the latter’s American chocolate division. Nutella and Tictac’s manufacturer would be willing to pay 2.8 billion dollars to get brands like Butterfinger and Baby Ruth.

Quiksilver acquires competitor Billabong

American surfing brand Quiksilver acquired its Australian competitor Billabong after it had tabled a bit late last year. The Australian company has been in financial turmoil for a while and both have now reached an agreement.

Frosty American weather will impact citrus fruit prices
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Cold weather has large parts of the United States in a frosty grip and that could be bad news for citrus fruit and fruit juices’ prices. Manufacturer Florida is in the middle of the bad weather.

H&M launches new brand: Nyden

Fashion group H&M will release a new brand next year: Nyden. Designed in Los Angeles, with the help of influencers. It is a brand that wants to discern itself through co-creation, limited edition and slightly elevated prices.

North America continues to pressure Nike's results

Lifestyle brand Nike generated an 8.6 billion dollar (7.3 billion euro) second quarter turnover, 5 % more than last year’s second quarter. North American turnover is still under pressure however.

Nestlé sells American chocolate division
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Nestlé wants to sell its candy division in the United States. It is unable improve its competitive position and therefore hopes to attract 3 billion dollars.

Ahold and Delhaize merge into one in the United States
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The AholdDelhaize merger continues: in January, both Ahold USA and Delhaize America will merge, which will lead to more cost-cutting measures for the Belgian-Dutch merger company.

Walmart wants to shed its "store" label
  • Published in Food

American Walmart is legally Wal-Mart Stores, but its popular name has long since been Walmart. However, the company will now alter that: in this eCommerce era, it aims to be more than merely a store chain.

Surge in mobile sales during Thanksgiving weekend
  • Published in m-Tail

During Thanksgiving weekend in the United States, which contains Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there was a big surge in mobile sales. Those two days saw a total sales figure of almost twelve billion dollar (just shy of ten billion euro).

Europe and Asia give Guess strong quarter

American fashion brand Guess’ third quarter turnover grew more than 3 %, mainly thanks to excellent sales in Asia and Europe. It did post a net profit loss however.

Amazon almost ready to launch first cashierless Go

According to certain sources, Amazon is currently hiring construction managers and marketers for its Amazon Go team. This move may suggest that the cashierless supermarket concept may be ready for prime time – for real this time.

Ahold USA trials robot in Giant Food Store
  • Published in Food

Ahold USA is currently trialing a robot in a Giant Food Store. Its job is to detect dangers and then ask for assistance. He can also point out empty shelves and check prices.

Hasbro bids for competitor Mattel

There may be a major toy merger brewing, because Hasbro tabled a bid for its competitor Mattel. The new company could become the world’s largest toy company.

Amazon launches first own furniture brand

American eCommerce giant Amazon has once more launched new private labels. This time, it has entered the sports clothing and furniture industries with its own brands.

Pizza Hut's parent company exceeds expectations
  • Published in Food

Yum Brands, which owns fastfood chains like Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell, has exceeded analysts’ expectations in the past quarter. Strong Pizza Hut sales have definitely contributed.

Nike wants to get rid of "boring retailers"

"Anyone who does not differentiate, will lose out”, is Nike CEO Mark Parkers’ message to retailers. The sports brand wants to focus more on its own sales channels and will therefore make cuts in its distribution network.

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