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Walmart cut costs with new bags and receipts
  • Published in Food

American department store chain Walmart cut 27 million dollars (23 million euro) in costs, thanks to several minor changes in its plastic bag and receipt approach. 

Lidl's American conquest sluggish
  • Published in Food

Lidl’s first American stores’ performance was “frighteningly weak”, German and American media report. The board will take measures and The German company has strengthened its grip on its overseas operations. 

"Amazon eyes Carrefour acquisition"
  • Published in Food

According to a French business paper, Amazon is eyeing to acquire Carrefour in an attempt to increase its foothold in Europe. Carrefour's share suddenly became one of the biggest risers in the Paris stock exchange, even though no proof of the intents has yet been released.

Nordstrom opens store without storage

American fashion chain Nordstrom is to trial a new store formula in Los Angeles next month, in which customers will only be able to get advice and try out clothing. Purchases can be picked up at the store at a later date.

Price cuts drive 25 % more customers to Whole Foods
  • Published in Food

Supermarket chain Whole Foods welcomed an additional 25 % of customers in the first few days following Amazon’s price cuts.

Nestlé USA acquires food manufacturer Sweet Earth
  • Published in Food

Nestlé USA has acquired American Sweet Earth for an undisclosed fee. The company mainly manufactures meat replacements, a rapidly-growing market, but also several frozen meals.

Gap Inc will focus on Old Navy and Athleta

American fashion company Gap will alter its internal strategy and turn its attention to Old Navy and Athleta. Gap and Banana Republic, which both received the most attention up until now, will have to step aside.

Analysis: price is merely the entry ticket for Amazon and Whole Foods
  • Published in Food

Amazon’s drastic price cuts for Whole Foods are merely a first step in a larger conquest plan. Innovation is the real key, analysts feel.

Does Ahold Delhaize have a future in the United States?
  • Published in Food

Over the past few months, Ahold Delhaize’s share had to deal with plenty of setbacks, mainly because of Amazon’s competition. Investor group VEB says the supermarket company has listed a few outcomes for the Belgo-Dutch group.

Amazon lowers Whole Foods prices, shocks competitors
  • Published in Food

Amazon has announced it will permanently lower a lot of prices at its newly-acquired supermarket chain Whole Foods. As a result, competitors’ shares immediately plummeted.

Whole Foods acquisition approved
  • Published in Food

American Federal Trade Commission has approved Amazon’s acquisition of supermarket chain Whole Foods, which means the entire deal should be finalized before the end of the year.

Decathlon heads to US and Canada

French sports chain Decathlon has decided to return to North America: it will open a store in San Francisco this year and one near Montreal (Canada) early next year.

Walmart will use Google to reach the digital consumer
  • Published in Food

Walmart has joined forces with Google to lure in the digital consumer. Starting in September, the American store giant will allow its customers to use Google Home to place spoken orders through their smartphone and also get them delivered at home.

Very disappointing results for Foot Locker

American sportswear distributor Foot Locker has experienced a disappointing second quarter, with a 6 % like-for-like turnover drop. Its forecast is also quite ominous.

Will Kraft Heinz acquire Danone?
  • Published in Food

There are rumours that Kraft Heinz will target Danone after it failed to acquire Unilever. However, analysts feel the water between both companies may still be too deep.

Walmart files patent for flying store
  • Published in Food

American department store chain Walmart has filed for a very peculiar patent, regarding a flying warehouse. That should be able to bring orders to the customer’s door step thanks to drones.

Twelfth straight growth quarter for Walmart
  • Published in Food

American supermarket chain Walmart has surpassed analysts’ expectations for the previous quarter, the company’s twelfth straight growth quarter. The world’s largest supermarket chain especially benefited from a strong online growth.

Aldi will home deliver in the United States
  • Published in m-Tail

German discounter Aldi is starting one-hour deliveries for online orders in the United States, using startup Instacart. Amazon’s reaction was swift: it will test lockers in which custumers can collect items two minutes after ordering them.

Crocs loses patent battle

Shoe manufacturer Crocs has lost a patent court case revolving around the shoe’s design. According to the American Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), another company has had a similar design for much longer.

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