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Amazon is working on domestic robot

Amazon is secretly working on robots for consumers. According to press agency Bloomberg, the tech giant wants to trial the robots at their employees’ homes and wants to present its domestic robots in 2019.

Walmart wants to use drones in stores

Walmart has filed a patent to get drones to fly in stores. The American retail giant wants drones to help customers in its stores: shoppers can ask them for directions or to get something checked in the shelves.

Metro Group prepares for robot deliveries
  • Published in m-Tail

In September, Metro Group will launch a pilot program in Düsseldorf, Germany, to see whether robots can deliver online Media Markt deliveries. The move sets it apart from competitors who are experimenting with drone deliveries.

Fast food chains trial intelligent robots
  • Published in Food

Artificial intelligence is entering the fast food world. KFC recently opened a concept store with a robot taking orders, while Pizza Hut is collaborating with Pepper, the "human robot".