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Zalando lets your smartphone choose your gift

Starting from October, you can literally ask your smart phone which gift it wants to pick for you. Zalando and Google are collaborating on a gift-picking chat bot for the virtual Google Assistant, which is present on all Android phones.

These are speakers at the RetailDetail Omnichannel Congress

Jan Huysmans (, Hans Carpels (Euronics International), Matthias De Clercq (Coolblue), Lionel Soccal (Google), Carole Lamarque (Duval Union) and Thierry Moubax (Bpost) are the most recent additions to the RetailDetail Omnichannel Congress line-up.

Avoid long waiting lines at cash registers thanks to Google Maps?

Google will add a new option to its Maps app on 23 November: users will then be able to assess how much time they will lose at the cash register.

Google appeals European fine after all

Despite earlier indications that Google would just alter its Google Shopping approach to comply with European legislation, it has now decided to appeal the monster fine.

Google adjusts Google Shopping after record fine

Google announced it will alter its search engines to no longer give Google Shopping results an edge over the competition. It has until the end of September to follow through on its statement.

Analysis: price is merely the entry ticket for Amazon and Whole Foods
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Amazon’s drastic price cuts for Whole Foods are merely a first step in a larger conquest plan. Innovation is the real key, analysts feel.

Walmart will use Google to reach the digital consumer
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Walmart has joined forces with Google to lure in the digital consumer. Starting in September, the American store giant will allow its customers to use Google Home to place spoken orders through their smartphone and also get them delivered at home.

Europe hands Google record fine
  • Published in m-Tail

According to the European Commission, Google took advantage of its market position to more prominently feature its own products in the search results. The fine is an astonishing 2.42 billion euro.

European Commission may fine Google
  • Published in m-Tail

Google will possibly get a huge fine from the European Commission, following a seven-year investigation. The internet giant allegedly benefited its Google Shopping results in its own search results.

Google wants to invest a lot in OLED screen production at LG

Google intends to invest 1 billion won (830 million euro) in technology firm LG’s OLED screen production. These are used in smartphones, but are often in short supply.

Swatch develops own OS for smartwatches

Swiss Swatch Group is currently developing its own smartwatch OS to rival Apple and Google’s operating systems, requiring less battery power and better data protection.

Google launches new review service

Google wants to transform its Trusted Stores program into Customer Reviews and it hopes web shops will ask their customers for more reviews to help improve’s scores on Google.

Google assists BMW and GAP with virtual shopping
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In collaboration with BMW and GAP, Google displayed several new augmented reality applications at the CES convention in Las Vegas, allowing users to check products in virtual reality.

Google moves car division into separate branch

Google has moved its car division into a separate branch called Waymo to investigate the opportunities for a self-driving car. Up until now, the research was part of Google X.

Google opens pop-up store in New York

Google is set to open a pop-up store in New York to sell its own hardware. The timing is no coincidence, as the company has just recently launched several new devices.

Google pulls plug on Project Ara

Google's parent company, Alphabet, has pulled the plug on Project Ara. That was meant to be a modular smartphone, aimed at reducing electronics waste.

Google opens store for Youtube products

Google will open a store in London where consumers can buy merchandise from famous Youtubers. The Creator Store will open next month and operate out of Google's London offices.

Amazon is world's most valuable retailer

Online department store Amazonis by far the world's most valuable retail, worth nearly 99 billion dollars. That value puts Jeff Bezos' company in seventh spot of the Brandz Top 100 Edition 2016.

Levi’s and Google launch "smart jacket"

Jeans brand Levi's will launch a new jacket next year, one that is riddled with sensors developed by Google's Project Jacquard. The jacket can be connected to, among other things, a smartphone.