This is how fast Amazon is growing in food
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E-commerce is still underrepresented in food sales, but Amazon’s American and European 2017 growth numbers are impressive. Are we close to a tipping point?

Amazon opens first cash register-free store
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Amazon will open its first cash register-free store in Seattle today, near its main office. The trial with its own employees will now be extended to the general public.

Amazon builds new warehouse near Belgian and Dutch border

American online retailer Amazon has unfolded plans for a new distribution center in the German city of Mönchengladbach. It will be located near the Dutch and Belgian border and most likely be used to service these markets.

Amazon brings virtual fitting rooms into your home

Amazon has filed a patent to turn Echo Look into a virtual fitting room. Its speech-powered camera will use augmented reality to help customers virtually try on clothing.

Another strike in Amazon's largest German distribution center

German labour union Verdi announced a strike in Amazon’s distribution center in Bad Hersfeld, Germany. This is the web shop’s largest German distribution center and the strike should last the remainder of the year.

Italian Amazon employees are protesting during the holiday season

Employees at Amazon’s distribution center near Piacenza (in Italy) do not want to work overtime for the remainder of the year because they feel the holiday season puts too much pressure on them.

Investors interested in supermarkets once more
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Stock exchange analysts are a fan of European supermarket chains again. The fear for Amazon is an exaggeration and the food industry has received too much negativity, according to fund managers’ forecast of 2018. 

Amazon considers physical stores in Germany

In an interview, Amazon Germany’s CEO said that it is only a “matter of time” before the online retailer will open physical stores in Germany. He believes it is necessary, because the customers demand it.

Amazon brings its private labels to Europe
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After it introduced Amazon Prime to an increased number of European markets, Amazon is now bringing in its own FMCG private labels. Over the past few weeks, the online department store launched several private label products in Europe and it has plans for even more. 

Amazon Echo is now available in the Benelux
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Amazon announced it will ship its smart speaker Amazon Echo to another 28 countries, including Belgium and the Netherlands. Its own music streaming service will also get a local launch.

Luxury manufacturers can block retailers from selling on Amazon
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Luxury product manufactures can block retailers from selling their merchandise on online marketplaces like Amazon. The European Court of Justice has ruled on the matter after cosmetics manufacturer Coty filed a complaint.

Major strike hits Amazon during Black Friday

Amazon Germany’s employees chose Black Friday to strike, demanding more pay and improved labour conditions. It will continue its strike until Saturday evening.

Online FMCG sales continue to soar
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According to a new Kantar Worldpanel report, online grocery sales grew 30 %, in stark contrast with the overall 1.3 % increase. Online sales now contribute 4.6 % to the overall FMCG sales, but that will grow to 10 % (145 billion euro) by 2025.

Amazon almost ready to launch first cashierless Go

According to certain sources, Amazon is currently hiring construction managers and marketers for its Amazon Go team. This move may suggest that the cashierless supermarket concept may be ready for prime time – for real this time.

Singles' Day alters the global retail calendar, even here

Move aside Christmas turnover, Singles’ Day is the world’s largest shopping holiday – by far. Alibaba generated a 22 billion euro turnover in a single day and even took advantage of the day. Are we heading to a new retail calendar?

This is how online retailers can beat Amazon Prime

Market research firm SmarterHQ says Amazon’s bond with consumers is razor-thin and they would quickly abandon their subscription if the advantages proved to be too meagre. This should present opportunities to the competition.

Amazon launches first own furniture brand

American eCommerce giant Amazon has once more launched new private labels. This time, it has entered the sports clothing and furniture industries with its own brands.

Amazon introduces Prime to Belgium and the Netherlands

Amazon still does not have a complete web shop in Dutch, but that does not stop the American eCommerce giant to launch new services in the region. Starting today, Amazon Prime is available in the whole of Belgium and the Netherlands.

Amazon shuts down two Whole Foods stores in UK
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Amazon has decided to shut down two Whole Foods stores in the United Kingdom, which are incidentally the only two stores it had outside of London.

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