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100 million Prime subscribers for Amazon

Ecommerce giant Amazon surpassed the 100 million Prime subscriber mark, just one of the many milestones CEO Jeff Bezos mentioned in his annual shareholder briefing.

Amazon often cheaper than Dutch competitors
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Products that are available on both Dutch web shops and, are cheaper at Amazon in about half the cases. Not only do Dutch stores compete with, which ships to the Netherlands, but there are also rumours that and will soon become more active.

Trump targets Amazon
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President Donald Trump has apparently targeted Amazon as his new enemy. He feels the retail giant is taking advantage of the U.S. Postal Service, something he wishes to remedy with a series of new rules and legislation.

Amazon undisputed ruler of French online world
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Amazon is the undisputed leader of the French online world thanks to a 5.6 billion euro turnover and a 19 % market share. According to Kantar Worldpanel, the overall online market in France was worth 30 billion euro in 2017.

Amazon and Monoprix will collaborate
  • Published in Food

Amazon will make a huge leap forward in France, thanks to a new collaboration with the French chain Monoprix. A large section of the latter’s product range will soon become available to Amazon Prime Now subscribers.

Times are changing for Whole Foods
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Amazon’s Whole Foods acquisition is slowly resulting in changes for the supermarket chain. Amazon wants to introduce the Prime system to every store and at the same time, a lot of executives are leaving the company.

Amazon looks for additional cuts with manufacturers

Amazon wants to cut costs and that is why it will charge manufacturers with logistical fees more quickly. Up until now, the American online retailer often took it upon itself, but that move no longer seems profitable.

Amazon targets Toys 'R' Us stores

Amazon is apparently interested in several of bankrupt Toys ‘R’ Us’ stores, because their locations and stores would fit Amazon’s own retail formulas.

Amazon confirms its supermarket ambitions, for France too
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Amazon once again confirms its food distribution ambitions, this time through French CEO Frédéric Duval. The American online giant is eager to launch its grocery service in France as well.

What will supermarkets be like in 2020?
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Supermarkets need to reinvent themselves, as shopping behaviour has moved online and the competition is changing drastically. The focus nowadays is not as much on products as it is on experience and more technology.

Another six cash register-free Amazon Go stores planned
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After Amazon opened its first Amazon Go store last month, the company will add at least another six high-tech, cash register-free convenience stores in cities like Los Angeles and Seattle.

Amazon hires 2,000 employees in France

American internet warehouse Amazon’s French division is looking for 2,000 employees to keep up with its strong growth. Amazon.Fr is not only the most popular web shop in France, but also in Belgium.

Amazon will deliver own packages and groceries
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Amazon will become its own logistical supplier: it will pick up and deliver packages for its own marketplace partners. Supermarket chain Whole Foods’ customers can also get their groceries delivered within two hours from now on.

Amazon exceeds own expectations by 500 million

Amazon set a new turnover record and its fourth quarter profit reached 2.1 billion dollars (1.7 billion euro), 69 % above expectations. Alexa speech technology and Amazon Web Services’ cloud services helped reach these new heights.

This is how fast Amazon is growing in food
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E-commerce is still underrepresented in food sales, but Amazon’s American and European 2017 growth was impressive. Are we close to a tipping point?

Amazon opens first cash register-free store
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Amazon will open its first cash register-free store in Seattle today, near its main office. The trial with its own employees will now be extended to the general public.

Amazon builds new warehouse near Belgian and Dutch border

American online retailer Amazon has unfolded plans for a new distribution center in the German city of Mönchengladbach. It will be located near the Dutch and Belgian border and most likely be used to service these markets.

Amazon brings virtual fitting rooms into your home

Amazon has filed a patent to turn Echo Look into a virtual fitting room. Its speech-powered camera will use augmented reality to help customers virtually try on clothing.

Another strike in Amazon's largest German distribution center

German labour union Verdi announced a strike in Amazon’s distribution center in Bad Hersfeld, Germany. This is the web shop’s largest German distribution center and the strike should last the remainder of the year.