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Jupiler will disappear for a few months
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AB InBev’s latest marketing stunt is rather unusual: its popular Jupiler brand will disappear from the shelves until July. In order to “support” the Red Devils at the World Cup football (or to benefit from their popularity), it will be rebranded to Belgium.

AB InBev quenches thirst for data with tech acquisitions
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Beer will become data to AB InBev: the world’s largest beer brewery group is acquiring companies to gain insights into big data. The group wants to know everything about beer drinkers and their habits in order to keep growing.

AB InBev sells two German beers
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AB InBev has sold German beer brands Diebels and Hasseröder, alongside its breweries, to investment fund CKCF. The new owner wants to invest more in the two beer brands.

Aldi wins beer court case against AB InBev
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Aldi can sell its own beer Buval in the original red can again, even though there is no denying it looks very much like a can of Jupiler. AB InBev had filed a court case in 2015, but the ruling is that the discounter is not in the wrong.

AB InBev opens new brewery in China
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Brewery AB InBev opened a new brewery in China, which will produce 1.5 tons of beer. It will be the company’s largest Asian brewery and the company’s goal is to take full advantage of the growing Chinese middle-class.

AB InBev does not meet expectations
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Beer brewer AB InBev failed to live up to expectations in its third quarter. Analysts had expected a small volume increase, but the Belgian-Brazilian company had to accept a loss.

AB InBev will market American beers in Belgium
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Belgian-Brazilian brewing giant AB InBev will double down on its efforts to market its American Goose Island beers in Belgium. They were launched about a year ago, but need to gain more visibility in bars now.

AB InBev volumes increase for the first time since long
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For the first time in 18 months, Belgian-Brazilian brewer AB InBev managed to grow its sales volumes. South African success, a new market following its SABMiller acquisition, was part of the reason.

AB InBev acquires energy drink manufacturer
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AB InBev acquired Hiball, a relatively small organic energy drink manufacturer. The company also has its own brand of sparkling waters and sodas.

AB InBev wants to sell two German beer brands
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AB InBev is looking for a buyer for its German beer brands Hasseröder and Diebels. The Belgian beer giant hopes to attract about 200 million euro for both brands.

AB InBev: “The beer market has drastically changed”
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“The beer market has never been as interesting as it is now”, AB InBev’s sales director off-trade Benoit Bronckart said. There is a positive vibe in the beer industry and the brewer has embraced diversity more than ever.

AB InBev acquires stake in RateBeer.com
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The famous beer platform RateBeer.com, which publishes annual lists of the best beers and breweries, is now partly owned by AB InBev. This does not sit well with a number of smaller companies.

AB InBev invests 2 billion dollars into the United States
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Belgian-Brazilian brewery AB InBev will invest 2 billion dollars (1.8 billion euro) into its American breweries over the next few years. 500 million dollars will already be invested this year.

Jupiler 0,0 % takes advantage of lower beer sales
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AB InBev’s alcohol-free beer, Jupiler 0,0 %, is a resounding success, surpassing its predecessor’s annual volume by the end of the month. Despite this positive note, the overall beer market is not great shape.

AB InBev inches past expectations
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Belgian-Brazilian beer brewer AB InBev has managed to beat analysts’ expectations with its first quarter results, but just barely. Despite a higher turnover, its sales volume failed to reach last year’s numbers.

AB InBev underperforms for seventh straight quarter
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AB InBev has had a disappointing fiscal year 2016, even so much so that the beer giant will cancel bonusses for its management team. For the seventh time in a row, both its turnover and operational income were below analysts’ expectations.

This week in Benelux retail: Ahold Delhaize counters Belgian decrease with Dutch growth

The main stories in the Benelux retail sector were financial results for Ahold Delhaize and Carrefour. Moreover, Hema has decided to apply its international format in its Dutch home market as well, and AB InBev has signed a deal with the world's largest beer terminal.

AB InBev and Katoen Natie invest in world's largest beer terminal
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Katoen Natie has prolonged its contract to ship AB InBev's beers through the port of Antwerp for five years. In two years' time, the world's largest beer terminal should double to four billion bottles of beer per year.

This week in Benelux retail: Wehkamp closes Belgian webshop

What happened this week in retail in the Benelux? Wehkamp closed its Belgian webshop, AB InBev is using Uber to deliver beer to customers, Jumbo achieves a 7 % turnover growth and Media Markt takes over Makro's electronics department. And much more.

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