RetailDetail Sustainability Congress 2021

RetailDetail Sustainability Congress 2021

01-04-2021 09:00 - 01-04-2021 12:00

Digital Only event

Meir 78

2000 Antwerp

RetailDetail Sustainability Congress - 1/04/2021


This congress showcases retailers who are taking the step from a negative ecological footprint to 'positive handshakes': scalable, sustainable initiatives that bring us closer to a circular economy. 

Moderated by sustainability expert Stefaan Vandist. 

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  • 10h00 – 10u10: Reception

  • 10h10 – 10h40: Presentation Caroline Gastaud

  • 10h40 – 11u10: Presentation Tom Domen & Tessa Deryck

  • 11h10 – 11h20: break 

  • 11h20 – 11h50: Presentation Ine Stultjens

  • 11h50 – 12h20: Presentation Lander Desmedt



Caroline Gastaud - Sustainability Manager - Ikea

Circular IKEA

As a global home-furnishing brand, IKEA has a big responsibility – and with it, big growth opportunities – to make a large-scale, positive impact on climate and resource use by adopting a circular business model. We've always looked for ways to make more from less and find new, creative ways to deal with limited resources. But with increasing customer demands for both affordable and sustainable products, along with growing threats to our planet, IKEA is on an urgent journey to integrate this new business model – and a new mindset – that moves from a linear to a circular business.



Tom Domen - Global Head Long Term Innovation - Ecover/method
Tessa Deryck - Store Concept & shopper Experience coordinator - Delhaize Le Lion/Delhaize De Leeuw

Driving the refillution in retail

Re-use is on the rise and on its way to become a commodity in the future retail landscape. Ecover has been offering refills over 20 years, but only recently started the journey to make instore refill available in mass market, in close partnership with Delhaize. Over the last two years a number of instore refill experiments have been set up that raised the question if instore refill would ever be a viable business model. We’ll take you along our journey to find the answer to that question.



Ine Stultjens - Manager Marketing & Communication - Auping

Ine Stultjens has a track record in the FMCG industry with Sara Lee / Douwe Egberts, Innocent Drinks and Nestlé, among others. Since April 2016, she has been working at Koninklijke Auping in Deventer (NL), guiding the brand's ambition to truly make the world rest. Building beautiful brands that bring about positive change is important to her. And for that she likes to get out of bed.

Auping is constantly working on product innovations and new revenue models. But the company's mission has remained unchanged for over a century: to ensure a good night's sleep. As a leader in the circular revolution, Auping produces in its sustainable factory on customer order, fairly and transparently. This requires an open attitude and the drive to work together. Because if you really want to take big steps in the circular economy, you have to stick your neck out and dare to accelerate.



Lander Desmedt - CEO - HNST

How HNST doesn't make compromises between quality, style and sustainability

Lander Desmedt is the CEO of HNST. HNST, pronounce as ‘honest’, is an innovative Belgian apparel label that launched its denim collection made out of 56% recycled denim fibres, 21% Tencel® and 23% Greek cotton. The recycled denim fibres are sourced from HNST’s ‘time to harvest’ collecting campaign, where several tons of old denims were collected in Flanders. The collection is designed according to circular economy principles and the entire production process from fibre to jeans takes place in the EU in a transparant way. The fabric used for this first collection is also made available via collabs for other brands.


Practical information


  • Both presentation and slides will be in English, unless communicated otherwise.

  • You will receive the link to follow along one day in advance by email.

  • This congress will be recorded and can be viewed up to two weeks after the date.