RetailDetail Retail Design Congress 2021

RetailDetail Retail Design Congress 2021

22-04-2021 10:00 - 22-04-2021 12:30

Digital Only event

Meir 78

2000 Antwerp

RetailDetail Retail Design Congress


Even more experience and a seamless integration of offline and online: these are the main characteristics of the physical store of tomorrow. Retailers and designers show the store concepts of the future. Inspiration guaranteed!

Moderated by Katelijn Quartier.


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  • 10:00 – 10u25: Welcome + presentation Katelijn Quartier

  • 10u25 – 11u10: Presentation Jan Geysen + explanation of score Moose in the City

  • 11u10 – 11u20: Pauze 

  • 11u20 – 12u05: Presentation Tim Gielen and Katleen Troosters + explanation of score Light Gallery

  • 12u05 – 12u25: Panel discussion

  • 12u25: Conclusion



Katleen Troosters - Head of Marketing & E-Commerce - Light Gallery
Tim Gielen - Strategy lead - Wave of Engagement | Store Design & Innovation

Light Gallery 3.0 | Omni-commerce experience store

The store of the future is a delicate balancing act between strategy, design and technology.

For her new concept Light Gallery transformed from a classic large format specialty store with a huge assortment on display to more compact onmi-commerce stores where the light experience of the end-consumer is leading and technology empowers the store employees.

If the end-consumer is at the heart of your concept, it makes sense to engage the end-consumer in the design process.

Light Gallery and Wave of Engagement joined forces to ideate, test and validate the most important new services and technological touchpoints in co-creation with real consumers and store employees.

Katleen and Tim walk you through the case, the first results and the learnings so far.



Jan Geysen - Head Designer - PUUR Interieurarchitecten
Read the interview with Jan here!

Moose in the City: Making Retail Design Future Proof

Moose in the City has started in 2011 as a Scandinavian concept store.
The design of the store has become iconic because of the doubleheight display system.

In 2020 Moose in the City changed their baseline into “for a conscious lifestyle”.
The shop needed an interior update, because of functional improvements and the stronger focus on sustainability.

What to do with the exisiting display racks? How to bring more experience in the shop?
How to manage the investment thinking on short and long term? How to choose new materials?
By using a method and a clear dialogue with the retailers Patrick en Jan, the endresult of the shop design has become functional and ready for the future.



Prof. dr. Katelijn Quartier - Academic Director Retail Design Lab - Universiteit Hasselt

Experience may not be something we are thinking about at the moment, now that shopping is still limited for the time being. But nothing could be further from the truth, when the doors will open completely again, that is exactly what is needed to get the consumer to you. Shopping is fun and shopping remains fun. How can you do everything you can to get that fun in and how do you do that with your store design? We will show how that can be done by means of examples, and moreover we will also elaborate on how you can then "measure" that experience. Which stores score well and which ones can still make improvements? Find out during this talk.


More speakers will be announced soon.


Practical information


  • Both presentation and slides will be in English, unless communicated otherwise.

  • You will receive the link to follow along one day in advance by email.

  • This congress will be recorded and can be viewed up to two weeks after the date.


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