RetailDetail People Congress 2021

RetailDetail People Congress 2021

25-02-2021 10:00 - 25-02-2021 13:00

Digital Only event

Meir 78

2000 Antwerpen

RetailDetail People Congress - 25 February 2021


Is the war for talent intensifying in the retail sector? How do retailers guide their employees into the digital era? How can retailers maintain employee engagement during turbulent times? This RetailDetail congress brings inspiring cases.

Moderated by Koen Tengrootenhuysen.




  • 10:00 – 10u05: Reception

  • 10u05 – 10u40: Presentation Carla Velghe (in Dutch)

  • 10u40 – 11u15: Presentation Toon Bossuyt (in Dutch)

  • 11u15 – 11u25: break 

  • 11u25 – 12u00: Presentation Kristel Muls

  • 12u00 – 12u35: Presentation Koen Tengrootenhuysen



Carla Velghe - Country Director - Hema (in Dutch)
Read the interview with Carla (in Dutch or French) here!



Koen Tengrootenhuysen - Director Real Estate & Development - Decathlon
Read the interview with Koen (in Dutch or French) here!

Transformation from a pyramidal system into a flat network structure

Since the transformation to a flat network organization, Decathlon has become faster and more agile - a great asset during the corona crisis. In self-managing teams, employees themselves decide on projects. And also about their salary, albeit within clear rules.

The bottom line is that people work together on specific projects, and project leaders can decide for themselves on many projects, without relying on superiors. “We speak of self-managing teams, at different levels. The great merit is that you can switch much faster, that you are more agile, more innovative and more creative. Employees can engage in what they love to do which is a great motivator. You can take more initiatives that have a direct effect on the end customer. This makes both colleagues and customers happier. "



Toon Bossuyt - CEO - BOSS Paints (in Dutch)
Read the interview with Toon (in Dutch or French) here!

People making the difference in digital shift

During the Corona pandemic and the lockdown in April, all DIY and paint stores were closed down. Left behind with no alternative, consumers turned to digital purchases. Also for paints, a category with traditionally low digitalization, web orders surged. Toon Bossuyt explains how colora was able to turn the situation in its favor through engaged employees and a business model based on collaboration between manufacturer and retailers.



Kristel Muls - Communications Dept. Director - McDonald's Belgium
Read the interview with Kristel (in Dutch or French) here!




  • Both presentation and slides will be in English, unless communicated otherwise