Furniture pioneer Kewlox arrives in Antwerp

Furniture pioneer Kewlox arrives in Antwerp

Belgian furniture maker Kewlox will officially open a store in Antwerp on 14 October, its seventh store in total. It does not require any tools to build its furniture, which has a lifelong guarantee.

100 % 'made in Belgium'


Kewlox dates back to 1958 when English engineer Kewley devised a system with wooden panels and iron frames. A man from Brussels acquired the licence in 1959 and launched Kewlox.


The company also has a web shop, where the customer can create his own design and get it produced based on the motto of the company: "smart design for every space".

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JYSK published record results once more


Danish JYSK published a record 3.36 billion euro turnover in its 2016-2017 fiscal year. Backed by more than 2,500 stores worldwide, it achieved yet another record.

Ikea opens two Belgian hotels in 2019


Swedish furniture chain Ikea will open two hotels in 2019, one in Antwerp and one in Ghent. Hotel chain Moxy, which it set up together with Marriot, is already present in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Chicago and London.

Ikea will invest in more Citystores


Ikea wants to open smaller stores in city centers, starting in 2019. These stores should attract people without cars, a move that should tap into the world’s rapid urbanization and digitization.

CASA further expands web shop


Interior design store chain CASA continues the rollout of its “click & collect” web shops. It already implemented this new formula in Belgium, France and Luxembourg, but will now tackle Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.

Amazon launches first own furniture brand


American eCommerce giant Amazon has once more launched new private labels. This time, it has entered the sports clothing and furniture industries with its own brands.

Beter Bed Holding continues growth, except in Germany


Beter Bed Holding’s third quarter turnover grew 3.3 %, performing well in every market aside from Germany. It still faces the aftermath of a poison-related issue there.

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