Supertrash stores will be turned into ST.STudio stores

Supertrash stores will be turned into ST.STudio stores

Dutch designer Olcay Gulsen has decided to turn all of the Supertrash stores into ST.Studio stores, while the web shop has already been turned into the more luxurious label's web shop.

Older audience

ST.Studio is the designer's new fashion label, better suited to her own phase in life. Supertrash is focused on the younger generation, while ST.Studio is aimed at women between 30 and 45. Better materials will be used to create the collections and the customer service will also be better.


All of Supertrash' 30 stores will be transformed into ST.Studio stores sometime this year. Even the De Bijenkorf shop-in-shops will be transformed into the new brand.


Supertrash will not disappear entirely, continuing as a wholesale brand in other stores. Aside from Dutch stores, the fashion label also has stores in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the Middle East. Olcay Gulsen also sells clothing in the OLCAY GULSEN fashion label.