Regent Street gets beacons

Regent Street gets beacons

London's large shopping street, Regent Street, will soon house several beacons and through a new app, consumers can connect to the beacons if they visit the shopping street.

Nearly all stores

Contrary to many other shopping street, nearly every store (like Burberry, Hugo Boss, Banana Republic) on Regent Street will have a beacon installed. This will allow these stores to easily communicate with consumers on the 1.5 km long shopping street.


Customers can use the app to "like" or "dislike" a brand, with a separate profile per customer. They will also not get swamped by information about brands they do not care about.


Modernization program

"We want Regent Street to continue to evolve as the world's most successful shopping destination, which means bringing together online, physical and mobile retailing and using the latest technology to create an experience which delivers across all of the platforms that appeal to 21st century shoppers", David Shaw (head of The Crown Estate's Regent Street Portfolio) said.


The beacon project is part of a Regent Street modernization program, which will cost 1.7 billion dollars (1.25 billion euro) in total.