Delhaize attraction at new Schengen shopping center

Delhaize attraction at new Schengen shopping center

Work is ongoing at Schengen in Luxembourg, to create a new shopping center which should open its doors in the summer of 2017. The main attraction will be a 3,500 sqm flagship store for Delhaize.


30 million euro investment

The Luxembourg town located in the tripoint between Luxembourg, Germany and France, is known for the Schengen Agreement, but is now the location of a construction site, where a 7,000 sqm shopping center will arise. The new shopping center will be called 'Borders' ('Grenzen'), owned by Luxembourg investment company Ikogest Ikodomos Holding, according to Luxembourg paper Tageblatt.


Aside from a petrol station and parking for 210 cars, some 20 stores will arrive, from "Beauty & Cosmetics" to household appliances and interior and exterior decoration, a restaurant and a supermarket. Distributor Delhaize will open a flagship store of the newest generation there, combining ecology and regional items (like regional wine) . The supermarket will be 3,500 sqm, with 2,300 sqm of store space.


If everything goes according to plan, Borders will open next summer. In total, it will be a 30 million euro investment.