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Amazon launches first own furniture brand

Amazon launches first own furniture brand

American eCommerce giant Amazon has once more launched new private labels. This time, it has entered the sports clothing and furniture industries with its own brands.

Two furniture brands

It is no surprise that Amazon would launch its own sports clothing collection: that was leaked several weeks ago. However, it has now officially launched them, competing directly with Nike, Under Armour and Adidas. Considering the fact that Amazon has been active in the fashion industry for a while, its entry in the “activewear” world can hardly be considered surprising.


It is however a novelty that Amazon has also launched two furniture brands, called Rivet (the cheaper one of the two brands) and Stone & Beam. Despite the fact it is a new market for the online giant, it has immediately revealed quite an extensive product range, including sofas, chairs, tables and several hundred other products.


Amazon also recently created a new program for furniture sellers in an attempt to get them to sell furniture on Amazon. Retailers can adjust prices according to the customer’s service request and are not forced to sell across the nation. With its own two furniture brands, Amazon hopes to give its web shop’s furniture category a first boost.

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