Zalando achieves another huge turnover increase

Zalando achieves another huge turnover increase

Online fashion retailer Zalando's 2015 turnover grew more than 30 %, which is also clearly visible in its number of website visitors and its number of active users.

A lot more visitors

Zalando managed to attract 14.7 million active users by the end of 2014, pushing the number 22.4 % to 17.9 million visitors last year. Its website visits also grew 21.5 % to 1.6 billion visits last year. That led to a nice increase in online orders, from 41.1 million to 55.3 million.


Obviously, these positive numbers have reflected on Zalando's turnover, which grew 33.6 % to 2.96 billion euro, up from 2.21 billion euro in 2014. The positive news show did not end there as the company forecasts a 25 % increase in 2016, up from its previous predictions, which were between 20 and 25 %. It had also predicted a 20 to 25 % growth for 2015 and managed to beat those expectations as well. 


“Our market position has never been this good and we have never had this many opportunities. We want to reach more customers and keep growing our market share. We are consciously looking for growth, while we want to remain profitable as we feel that is the best way to create long-term value", CEO Rubin Ritter said.


Invest in mobile

Turnover grew 8 % in the DACH region (which includes Germany, its home territory, Austria and Switzerland), while turnover elsewhere in Europe shot up 40.5 %. Its EBIT reached 107.5 million euro.


Over the next year, Zalando aims to invest 200 million euro, partly to expand its service on mobile, both through its website and its apps. Mobile site visits contribute 60 % to the overall visits, while twice as many apps were downloaded in 2015.