Whole Foods contributes to Amazon's enormous turnover increase

Whole Foods contributes to Amazon's enormous turnover increase

American Amazon’s third quarter turnover grew a lot once more, partially thanks to Whole Foods. This was the first time the chain’s turnover was added to Amazon’s overall turnover.

High costs

Amazon’s third quarter turnover grew 34 % to 43.7 billion dollars (38 billion euro). Slightly more than 1 billion euro (1.3 billion dollars) came from supermarket chain Whole Foods. Amazon’s cloud division contributed 4.8 billion dollars (4.1 billion euro), another 34 %, albeit a slower growth pace than in the past quarters.


Amazon’s operational profit did slump 40 % to 347 million dollars (300 million euro) because of several sizeable investments. It also added 160,000 employees, although a bite more than half of those came from Whole Foods. It did increase its net profit slightly, from 252 million dollars to 256 million dollars (220 million euro).


For its fourth quarter Amazon intends another turnover growth, to a range between 56 and 60.5 billion dollars (48 to 52 billion euro), which would essentialy be another 28 to 38 % turnover increase compared to the year before.

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