Google prepares Amazon Echo competitor

Google prepares Amazon Echo competitor
Amazon Echo

Several sources indicate Google is working on an Amazon Echo competitor, a speaker that gives its users - through voice commands - the opportunity to perform a range of tasks, like online searches.

Capture important data

Google's own device currently has no name, but its internal reference is codename Chirp. In the meantime, Amazon has already sold 3 million Amazon Echo devices, giving it access to a whole plethora of valuable customer information.


Google has always considered that information as the holy grail, which explains why it wants to give its own search engine and several of its other services an even more important spot in the consumer's living room.


Many feel Google already has one of the better "voice assistants" on the market, particularly on its Android smartphones. Possibly, this may be the technology that it will use to move into the living room. Google Chirp should launch sometime this year and may even be introduced during this week's I/O developer conference.