Google assists BMW and GAP with virtual shopping

Google assists BMW and GAP with virtual shopping

In collaboration with BMW and GAP, Google displayed several new augmented reality applications at the CES convention in Las Vegas, allowing users to check products in virtual reality.

New technology

The BMW collaboration resulted in an app that shows an i3 or i8 car that can be viewed from all sides and several options can be altered in augmented reality. The customer can even view the car from inside or even check if their garage or driveway is large enough to park the car. Similar technology is used to virtually install a kitchen in a house and BMW does not exclude the possibility to have its entire product range available in the app.


GAP allows customers to trial clothing on their virtual alter-ego thanks to Google. It should also become possible to place the clothing directly onto their own body, but that technology still needs further development.


Google uses its proprietary Tango technology to create these apps, but it only works on 2 smartphones right now. The technology company hopes to get Tango compatible on the majority of smartphones out there and make it easier to create content for the technology because that is not the case right now.