European online shopper spends 1,540 euro

European online shopper spends 1,540 euro

In 2015, the average European shopper bought 1,540 euros' worth of goods online. Overall, European shoppers created 455 billion euro worth of revenue online and there is still room for growth according to a Marlene ten Ham presentation at the Global E-commerce Summit.

Room for growth

Marlene ten Ham, Ecommerce Europe's secretary general, displayed Ecommerce Foundation's numbers on online trade. Out of 685 million Europeans aged over 15, 516 million people used the internet last year. Only 296 million of those actually purchased something online, which means 43 % of Europeans buys online, while 57 % still does not.


Ecommerce Europe expects a 12 % online sales boost this year, up to 510 billion euro, following a 13.3 % increase to 455 billion euro last year. Eastern Europe displayed the weakest growth, with 9.1 %, while Southern Europe managed the largest growth, up 17.1 %. Western European online sales grew 12.9 %.


For the first time ever, Europeans will surpass the 500 million euro online sales milestone this year. British, French and German consumers contribute more than half of that online turnover, while the Netherlands are ranked 7th (16 billion euro) and Switzerland is last.


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