European Commission may fine Google

European Commission may fine Google

Google will possibly get a huge fine from the European Commission, following a seven-year investigation. The internet giant allegedly benefited its Google Shopping results in its own search results.

8 billion euro fine?

An investigation into Google’s activities was launched seven years ago when several American and European competitors filed a complained about alleged search engine manipulation. Google apparently gave its own shopping services a benefit in its search engine. The European Commission also officially blamed Google of unlawful practices in April 2015.


Throughout the years, Google always denied the claims, but is now apparently close to a conviction. Antitrust fines can run up to 10 % of the company’s total turnover, which would be 8 billion euro for Google. Aside from the fine, the company will obviously also have to halt all of the practices deemed illegal or unfair.


If the company does get a heavy fine, the European Union will have hit the company harder than the American Federal Trade Commission, which settled with Google in 2013. It also tried to settle in Europe, but the European Union refused to do so.