eBay presents its own packaging

eBay presents its own packaging

eBay sellers can now order packaging from the auction site's new packaging store, which contains boxes, envelopes and tape - obviously all with the eBay logo.

At sellers' demand

eBay says the products were introduced after sellers asked for them. Obviously, these packaging increases eBay's visibility and also adds a layer of uniformity to all of eBay's professional sellers.


For the most part, the auction site follows Amazon's example, where third party products are also sent in Amazon packaging. The major difference is that Amazon usually also handles the shipping, while eBay will not. Sellers on eBay will have to take care of shipping themselves.


At first, sellers can buy a whole range of products in eBay's store: boxes in ten different sizes, airjacket or polyjacket envelopes and tape. Later on, the product range will be expanded, depending on consumer demand.