ASOS refutes allegations regarding working conditions

ASOS refutes allegations regarding working conditions

Online retailer ASOS is currently facing a lot of criticism after a British MP demanded a investigation into XPO, one of its logistical subcontractors. According to the claim, working conditions would be appalling, a claim Asos vehemently denied.


“The new Sports Direct”

Socialist Owen Smith launched the scathing attack on Asos, after several labour unions had already done similarly. The Labour MP, who wants to become the leader of his party, demands an enquiry into ASOS' working conditions. He even calls the company the "new Sports Direct", after that sports chain had to defend itself against similar accusations in June.


British labour unions have a long history of complaining about ASOS' "unbearable working pressure" and the "terror reign". "People are scared because they work in a system where they could lose their job at any given time."


However, management categorically denies the claims. "We are surprised about Owen's accusations. We hadn't heard from him until now and he has never set foot in our distribution center", an ASOS spokesperson said.


“Together with XPO (the company that actually runs the site), we are working incredibly hard to create a positive, supportive and healthy working environment for our team in Barnsley. We have expressly stated this before: we do not have contracts without fixed hours, our people can go to the bathroom or get a drink whenever they feel like it and we pay above minimum wage."