Apple Pay soon available in web shops

Apple Pay soon available in web shops

Apple is to introduce its mobile payment service Apple Pay in several web shops soon, but only for users who use Apple's browser Safari. Aside from web shops, the company will expand Apple Pay into other European countries as well.

Apple Pay heads to France and Switzerland

With its move towards web shops, Apple Pay will go head to head with PayPal, but it remains to be seen whether it can actually win that battle. Safari only has a limited market share, which may block Apple Pay's competitive edge as PayPal works on every browser already.


The company will also continue its European expansion, because up until this point, only the United Kingdom had contact free iPhone and Apple Watch payments through Apple Pay. Soon, this will also be the case in France and Switzerland, while other European countries will have to wait a little while longer.


Apple also announced app developers will soon be able to use Siri, opening a world of voice commands in a whole range of apps. Up until now, Siri was limited to iPhone and iPad commands only.