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Amazon places own pick-up lockers at consumers' homes

Amazon places own pick-up lockers at consumers' homes

Amazon announced The Hub, a system of pick-up lockers that can be placed everywhere. They come in different sizes and can be placed both inside or outside of buildings.


There are similar formulas to The Hub already, with many other companies on the locker market. Users can get their deliveries placed in lockers and access them with a code. As soon as they have received a package, the code will open the locker.


Amazon’s system is entirely modular and can therefore be installed in every shape or size, both inside and outside. The company mainly targets real estate owners that want to present their renters with an additional feature.


For other deliveries too

Amazon is definitely not the first to launch the idea, but its scale is a huge advantage. It can offer these lockers at much lower prices than the competition. This new system also lowers the cost of having to return the item when someone is not available to meet the courier. It will also limit the amount of lost packages that were given to someone else and then suddenly vanish.


The Hub is not only for packages ordered on Amazon. Every other company could place an item in the locker. For the time being, it does not seem Amazon will allow people to place items in the locker to be picked up by a courier.

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