Amazon Germany's labour unions on strike again

Amazon Germany's labour unions on strike again

Amazon Germany's problems are not over yet: labour union Ver.di has asked the workers of five different locations to go on strike again. The dispute about wages still rages on.

Wage dispute

Ver.di has urged the employees of 5 different Amazon distribution centers (Leipzig, Graben, Werne, Rheinberg and Bad Hersfeld) to go on strike this week in an attempt to put pressure on Amazon again. The labour union hopes the company will then adjust the wage conditions.


The union feels employees are not paid enough for their work and that they should get wages similar to their retail and mail order counterparts. Amazon says its employees are part of the logistics branch, with lower wages overall.

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Alibaba invests billions in physical retail


Over the past two years, Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba has spent nearly seven billion euro in physical retail. Its Hema Xiansheng chain already has thirteen supermarkets and it acquired luxury department store Intime from the government in January.

Alibaba exceeds expectations


Chinese Alibaba has trumped analysts’ turnover and profit expectations with its first quarter results. Its profit even doubled compared to the year before.

Aldi will home deliver in the United States


German discounter Aldi is starting one-hour deliveries for online orders in the United States, using startup Instacart. Amazon’s reaction was swift: it will test lockers in which custumers can collect items two minutes after ordering them.

Yoox-Net-a-Porter thrives thanks to mobile surge


Online retailer Yoox-Net-a-Porter has managed to beat analysts’ expectations in the past fiscal year, thanks to a surge in mobile sales. For the first time ever, these sales contributed more than half of the retailer’s total turnover.

Lidl constructs new distribution center in Venlo


Lidl will open a new distribution center in Venlo, which will cater its web shop’s customer base. The distribution center is not a Lidl Netherlands project, but apparently an international project.

Amazon places own pick-up lockers at consumers' homes


Amazon announced The Hub, a system of pick-up lockers that can be placed everywhere. They come in different sizes and can be placed both inside or outside of buildings.

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