Amazon files complaint against sellers for fake reviews

Amazon files complaint against sellers for fake reviews
Jeramey Lende /

Online retailer Amazon has filed a complaint against three companies for the fake reviews on their products. An astonishing 40 % of those reviews turned out to be fake.

1,000 people charged

Amazon has previously charged several websites as well, because they promise to write positive reviews on Amazon if a certain amount was paid. This is the first time that Amazon has directly filed a complaint against a number of sellers, particularly Chinese CCBeterDirect, Michael Abbara and Kurt Bauer.


In total, more than 1,000 people have been charged for writing fake reviews and Amazon hopes this is a signal that it does not condone or accept fake reviews.


The American retailer has been looking for ways to eradicate fake reviews, but has not found a way just yet. Reviews are crucial for marketplaces like Amazon, because it is the only way visitors can discern good from bad as Amazon cannot guarantee a product's quality.