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Amazon Echo is now available in the Benelux

Amazon Echo is now available in the Benelux

Amazon announced it will ship its smart speaker Amazon Echo to another 28 countries, including Belgium and the Netherlands. Its own music streaming service will also get a local launch.


The Echo and its different versions all use Amazon-developed speech assistant Alexa. She is currently only available in English, French, Germany, Spanish, Italian and Japanese however. Dutch-speaking customers can head to, while French-speaking customers will need to go to


The company will also launch Amazon Music Unlimited in Belgium and the Netherlands, according to De Tijd. This is basically Amazon’s own version of Spotify, with access to forty million songs. Unsurprisingly, the service can easily be accessed through Amazon’s smart speakers.


With both the Amazon Echo and Amazon Music Unlimited launches, the company has taken the next step into this region. It already launched Amazon Prime last month, which will home deliver orders within 24 hours. The service also has a Netflix competitor included.

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