Amazon denies plans for its own supermarket chain

Amazon denies plans for its own supermarket chain

Online giant Amazon denies it has plans to create a supermarket chain with more than 2,000 locations. The rumours surfaced when it became clear that Amazon was trialing a supermarket without cash registers.

"Absolutely not correct"

Amazon's spokesperson Pia Arthur stated in a press release today that those rumours are completely unfounded. "It is absolutely not correct. We have no plans to open 2,000 of anything. Not even close. We are still learning." The statement also rubbished claims that Amazon would open a major store, similar to discount chain Aldi's. Nevertheless, many still believe Amazon will soon escape its online arena and join the physical store battle. 


“It seems evident that Amazon will not remain a "pure player". Pop-up stores, book stores and Amazon GO are trials for different formulas and concepts, to see what works and what does not", RetailDetail's Stefan Van Rompaey said. "Some retail watches think Amazon will acquire a certain department store chain to broaden its scope, which seems a more sensible move than to open 2,000 stores of its own. British supermarket chain Morisson's, which already has close ties to Amazon, has often been mentioned as a possible acquisition target."


The supermarket chain rumours surfaced when Amazon revealed Amazon GO, a supermarket without cash registers. The very first store is near Amazon's main offices in Seattle with several employees as its first customers. 


Besides, it is not the first time there were rumours about Amazon and major chains. Previous rumours included Amazon's intention to open more than 400 book stores, but that rumour got quashed rapidly as well.