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Alibaba featured in Chinese Fortune 500 for the first time

Alibaba featured in Chinese Fortune 500 for the first time

Alibaba Group has featured in the Fortune China 500 for the first time. The list, based on the gross Chinese turnover of companies, shows that its competitor,, is still ahead of Alibaba.

Fast growers

Last year, Alibaba's turnover surpassed 70 billion yen (10.08 billion euro), which has given it the 81st spot in the list, while, another eCommerce company, jumped from 79th to the 45th spot thanks to a 115 billion yen (16.56 billion euro) turnover. That means has managed a 66 % turnover increase compared to the year before.


It is China's largest online retailer in China, which means that many of its transactions are actual turnover, whereas Alibaba provides a platform for other sellers, limiting the turnover flowing back to Alibaba itself.


Unsurprisingly, the fast growers in the Fortune China 500 are internet-based companies. On average, their turnover grew 40 % over the last year, whereas turnover for all companies is well below that number, at + 5 %.

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German Otto Group continues to soar


German online company Otto Group saw its turnover grow 10.9 % to 7.76 billion euro in the past fiscal year. The former mail order company will continue to invest in start-ups and technology.

Decent profit increase for


Chinese online retailer has grown strongly in 2017: turnover grew nearly 50 % and it was profitable again. The company also expects to exceed a 30 % growth pace in 2018’s first quarter.

Rakuten ditches Priceminister brand


Rakuten has decided to get rid of its French brand Priceminister and absorb it into Rakuten, similar to what it did tot British acquires Eastern European competitors


Fast food supplier acquired its Bulgarian competitor BGmenu and its Romanian competitor Oliviera in yet another step towards its goal of being the European market leader.

Colruyt joins PostNL's grocery service


The mailman will deliver groceries every two weeks from now on: PostNL will collaborate with new grocery service Stockon in the Netherlands. A remarkable fact is that its private label brands are Boni, which is Belgian supermarket chain Colruyt’s private label.

Strong growth for Chinese e-commerce once again


There was another strong increase in the Chinese online market last year: compared to 2016, it achieved an astonishing 32 % growth. In that regard, China is performing exceptionally online.

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