L’Oréal sponsors Snapchat filter

L’Oréal sponsors Snapchat filter

French cosmetics firm L'Oréal has sponsored a filter on social media app Snapchat. The filter gives users a chance to apply Infallible Silkissime eyeliner on their own pictures.

First cosmetics firm to sponsor filter

Users that apply the filter, get a layer of make-up: eyeliner, mascara, foundation, blush and lip gloss. When that person raises their eyebrows, a virtual camera will flash and L'Oréal's logo will appear - accompanied by a heart.


For 24 hours during this past weekend, the filter was available in the app and it is also the very first time a cosmetics company has sponsored such a filter. L'Oréal collaborated directly with Snapchat, circumventing all other ad agencies. Price for the ad: between 450,000 and 750,000 dollars (396,000 euro and 659,000 euro).


It is not the first time L'Oréal used Snapchat as a means to promote itself, after it had already shown behind-the-scenes footage through the app. Topmodel Karlie Kloss took the viewers on a trip through her preparations for the Cannes Film Festival.