H&M present at Coachella festival with digital experience

H&M present at Coachella festival with digital experience

Swedish fashion chain H&M has brought an interactive digital experience to the Coachella festival in California. H&M's Coachella booth focuses on the company's sustainability efforts.

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H&M will bring a virtual desert including green screen to Coachella visitors. They can see the effect of different weather types on the environment, while a movie is created at the same time. After everything is finished, visitors can share their film on social media. The tent also has a place to fill bottles with water, while visitors can learn about H&M's Garment Recycling initiative. All these ideas are designed to create a positive image with the festival's audience.


Obviously, H&M also focuses on clothing, giving visitors a chance to browse through the H&M Loves Coachella collection on tablets, while several items are also on sale there. If they so desire, customers can get their picture taken with H&M outfits, something they can also share on social media obviously.

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