Vente-Privee and five other brands merge to form Veepee

Photo: Sharaf Maksumov /

French web shop Vente-Privee wants to boost its international sales and has therefore merged with five other brands to form Veepee. The company wants to become a clear brand in all fourteen countries where it currently is active.


Six different names

Vente-Privee has followed a rapid international expansion strategy since 2015, leaving it with no fewer than six subsidiaries under a different name: Designer&Friends (Denmark), Eboutic (Switzerland), Privalia (Brazil, Italy, Mexico and Spain), Vente-Exclusive (Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) and Zlote Wyprzedaze (Poland). Vente-Privee itself is active in Austria, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. All six brands will now be renamed Veepee in an effort to create a more consistent and unambiguous brand image.


The French website started its international conquest with a majority interest in Belgian Vente-Exclusive, which it took in 2015. Back then, the French promised that Vente-Exclusive would continue to exist autonomously, but the company has now decided to unite its European divisions under the Veepee banner.


The logo will remain the same one used by Vente-Privee: a pink butterfly. On 14 December 14th, a patent to that end was published and now the company is slowly introducing it to its web shops. The name change also coincides with plans for further international expansion: today, Veepe employs 6000 people and has 72 million members. In the financial year 2017, the group achieved a 3.3 billion-euro turnover.