Veepee to sell products with damaged packagings


E-commerce platform Veepee will sell products with damaged packagings: several times a year, the so-called 'Survivors' get a second chance at a big sale.


"Don't judge on looks alone"

Veepee (formerly known as Vente-Exclusive) designates products with damaged packagings as 'The Survivors'. With this new concept, the e-commerce platform wants to organise a sale several times a year to give the items a chance of getting sold. "The idea is never to let quality products go to waste and certainly never to destroy them", says Tobias Tousseyn, country manager Benelux.


After a thorough quality check of the content, the platform offers the items at discounts of up to 75 per cent. The 'Survivor sales' were launched in the Netherlands earlier this year and have been successful. Now, the concept has made its way to Belgium. The first sale of 'The Survivors' starts on 30 September and runs until 6 October under the slogan "Don't judge on looks alone".


Furniture, home decor, soft furnishings, accessories and electronics, among others, will be featured during the sales event. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for consumers and therefore also for e-commerce players, argues Tousseyn. As an outlet seller, Veepee aims to reduce unsold stock, and a "circular logic" is part of that. The platform says it also contributes to this approach by deliberately not offering free shipping or returns.