These are speakers at the RetailDetail Omnichannel Congress

These are speakers at the RetailDetail Omnichannel Congress
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Jan Huysmans (, Hans Carpels (Euronics International), Matthias De Clercq (Coolblue), Lionel Soccal (Google), Carole Lamarque (Duval Union) and Thierry Moubax (Bpost) are the most recent additions to the RetailDetail Omnichannel Congress line-up.


Online marketplaces

Labeled ‘What's next in omnichannel retail?’, RetailDetail wants to investigate the sucesssful approaches and best practices for retailers that face the new challenges that present themselves. How do you tackle “phygital retail”, how do you digitize your marketing division and get your employees on board, how do you handle the new GDPR privacy regulations and what about food in e-commerce? Order your tickets now, because several top-level speakers will share their experiences.


Take Jan Huysmans, director of electronics at, who will engage retailers about online marketplaces during a panel. The goal is to give retailers an insight into the do’s and don’ts of online marketplaces like None other than Gino Van Ossel (Vlerick Management School), author of the successful ‘Omnichannel in retail’, will lead the debate – and the entire congress.


Retailers on stage

There are other retailers on board as well: Matthias De Clercq, manager at Coolblue Belgium, will demonstrate how a company started by a few students turned into one of the largest e-commerce companies in Belgium and the Netherlands, thanks to an incredible focus on customer satisfaction. The launch of its own delivery service, the role physical stores play and the importance of hand-written notes are all part of his presentation. Hans Carpels, president Euronics International (which we know as Selexion and Selexion Clix) will discuss omnichannel retail’s challenges and pitfalls in the electronics market.


According to Duval Union’s Carole Lamarque, privacy is an important marketing and communication tool for retailers instead of merely a legal limitation. She will illustrate the incredible opportunities presented by GDRP.


Later this year, Google will launch new tools which will allow retailers to measure how digital campaigns impact the number of visitors to their physical stores. Industry manager Lionel Soccal knows all about that. Thierry Moubax, vice president marketing, product & pricing Europe at Bpost, will inform retailers about how they can improve their omnichannel strategy with special attention on the “last mile”.


Order your tickets now

The RetailDetail Omnichannel Congress will take place on Thursday 1 March in Utopolis Mechelen. Do not wait to order your tickets too long, because things are moving ahead rapidly. Click this link to find more information about the program and to order your tickets. Exciting content and plenty of networking opportunities guaranteed.