Showfields provides room for promising digital brands

Showfields provides room for promising digital brands

Last Friday in New York, Showfields was opened. The retail building combines digital companies, art exhibits and a community room all under one roof.


Four storeys

Showfields, the self-proclaimed "most interesting store in the world" was opened in Manhattan last Friday. The four-storey building measures a total of 1,366 sqm.

Showfields wants to make it easier and cheaper for (new) digital brands to open a physical store. Brands can choose a fitting space and Showfield then proceeds to fully adjust and equip it, even going so far as to hire the staff. All of this is done in exchange for a simple fee. If there is any revenue, it all goes to the brand.



The brands present in the Showfields building are carefully selected from the wellness, household and decoration categories. The stores are also intended to be temporary, so the assortment will vary continuously. The building can house about thirty companies, all of which are located on the first two storeys.

The third storey can be used for art exhibits and the fourth is a central loft with a roof patio, decorated for use as a community hall. All kinds of events can be organised there.

"We want to create the most interesting store in the world," says CEO Tal Zvi Nathanel. "A space filled with wonder that connects a curious and creative community to the brands and experiences reshaping our world."