Safe.Shop is new global eCommerce trust mark

Safe.Shop is new global eCommerce trust mark

Safe.Shop is the world’s first global eCommerce trust mark. Currently, only twelve countries signed up, but that number should increase in the future.

Alternative for local trust marks

Safe.Shop is an Ecommerce Foundation initiative and its current members are Brazil, China, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Croatia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Senegal and Switzerland. By next year, the number should have increased to thirty countries, because the Ecommerce Foundation is already in talks with organizations in Canada, France, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and South Korea.


Safe.Shop is the foundation’s attempt to come up with a global alternative for more than 300 trust marks, which mainly operate on a national level. Smaller companies particularly struggle to get certification from several trust marks in order to trade across borders.


“We do not intend to build a trust mark from scratch. There are many national organizations that issue a trustworthy certificate. They have the knowledge of the local market and can certify local web shops and retailers far better than a central organization. Working with local trust partners also allows us to use the power of the local brand to build a global trust logo together”, Jorij Abraham, managing director of the Ecommerce Foundation, said.