Retailhub Inspiration Tour: the customer journey becomes very different

Retailhub Inspiration Tour: the customer journey becomes very different

Thanks to Retailhub by RetailDetail, Antwerp has one more unique retail hot spot. Professionals can experience the future of retail in the Benelux' only retail inspiration platform, with 1250 sqm of innovative technology and huge trends.


Confront the New Customer

"Retailhub offers us the opportunity to consider in a new way what we have to do to bring our way of retailing in line with the future", Krëfel's Jonathan De Nys said. The electronics chain has followed the Inspiration Tour in RetailDetail's experience center, a location close to Antwerp's city museum MAS where retailers, brand producers and service suppliers can immerse themselves in the latest retail trends and technological applications - think of AV/VR, multi-sensory experiences, RFID and beacons, 3D body scanners, smart fridges and mirrors, facial recognition and so on. 


During the personalised Inspiration Tour, visitors to the Retailhub confront how customers view a company or product. They can follow tomorrow's customer journey, that will differ hugely from what retailers and brands have been taught for so long. Following the major trends of the future, this is an excellent opportunity to consider the way customers change and how companies can steer that.


Important to stay up to date

The tour can be custom made, and companies that want an original place for longer meetings are also welcome in the Retailhub. The Inspiration Tour can be both added to a private company meeting in Retailhub's Meeting Center, or it can be used as the start of an Antwerp Hunt. Thus, Retailhub can be one of the building blocks of a whole day of retail experience. 


"Very interesting to be immersed in your innovation and expertise centre and to be confronted with the novelties that retailers and producers face nowadays. It is important to stimulate the managers of the near future, and keep them up to date", was the feedback of Leuven's university. 


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