RetailDetail moves to new offices: watch the time-lapse video

RetailDetail moves to new offices

RetailDetail has moved to its brand new offices, after an intensive renovation. Watch the time-lapse video of this first major step here... but rest assured: more is to follow, as the Stadsfeestzaal shopping centre in Antwerp becomes a unique live retail lab.


Retail ecosystem

The Stadsfeestzaal, a gorgeous shopping centre on Antwerp's most popular shopping street Meir, is an absolute A+ location in which RetailDetail will create the world's first real living retail lab. The works will still go on for a few weeks, but the time-lapse video (under this article) already paints an impressive picture of the conference rooms and event spaces in our new retail ecosystem. In the next few days, several partners will already take their places in our new hub.


This move will also mean the reboot of our expanded and refreshed experience centre RetailHub. Already available are the famous RetailHunts in Antwerp, in which we take groups to see Antwerp's most innovative and interesting retailers - they will (obviously) have the Stadsfeestzaal as meeting point. 


However, these initiatives are just the beginning, as on the first floor of the shopping centre works will soon commence for our brand new living retail lab called Foster, where we join forces with retailers, producers and technology companies to build a real test environment to present innovative retail ideas to the broad public. Retailers and brands will use new products and innovative concepts, while tech partners measure shoppers' behaviour and develop interesting insights. The goal is to join forces to all become retail-smarter. We will announce the first names of the major participants soon, but for now we invite you to take a look at the renovation time-lapse video, courtesy of our building partner Stamhuis.