RetailDetail launches co-creation platform Home of Retail

RetailDetail launches co-creation platform Home of Retail

Store companies need support now more than ever, to survive in a rapidly-changing world. Retailers, manufacturers and suppliers all combine their skills in the Home of Retail to create the shopping experience of the future.

Unique formula

Store chains are in the eye of the storm, but a changing world also creates opportunities for those retailers that can tap into the rhythm of the quickly-evolving market. That is exactly the reason why "Home of Retail", a unique knowledge and experience platform for the retail industry, will open its doors. 

“Nowhere in the world will you find something similar", co-founder Jorg Snoeck (RetailDetail) confirms. "Home of Retail is more than just a store of the future. We bring together retailers, partners, scale-ups, universities, cities and communities to work on the future together and to improve their competitiveness. Everyone involved in the retail industry will be able to call Home of Retail their home."


Interactive activity center

Home of Retail will provide progressive retail professionals with an insight on how to tackle their challenges with a series of lectures, newsletters, white papers and data on the rapidly-altering retail landscape.

In the impressive 1,200 sqm experience center anyVille in Antwerp, visitors will get a full-blown sensory shopping experience of the future. The interactive activity center will answer all of the retail industry's contemporary and future conundrums. Virtual reality, robots, smart trash cans, intelligent refrigerators, bodyscanners, artificial intelligence, analytical tools to map shopping behaviour, ...: everything is present to take visitors one step closer to the future...

Home of Retail turns that knowledge and those experiences into practical use thanks to expert groups and workshops led by accredited consultants.



RetailDetail, which has been at the forefront of the retail and FMCG world, founded Home of Retail. It is the successor to the retail's experience center, The Loop, but this time around, RetailDetail is not merely taking a small step forward, but a giant leap in its attempt to support retailers, suppliers and manufacturers in the rapidly-changing retail industry.

“Over the course of three years, The Loop welcomed more than 20,000 professionals. We took their recommendations under consideration and answered everything in Home of Retail", Jorg Snoeck said.

Why would a publisher of information on the retail industry take this step? "To me, this is the fourth dimension of publishing, alongside our print magazines, our online publications and our events. We present our readers and partners with a story of insight, experience and action. Together, they can find a home for continued growth in our Home of Retail."