Record turnover for Jysk thanks to new stores

Record turnover for Jysk thanks to new stores

Danish chain Jysk has reached a record turnover in its fiscal year 2015/2016, surpassing three billion euro. A huge expansion wave in the past twelve months helped its turnover surge.

“Every reason to be happy"

Jysk's turnover reached 3.123 billion euro, while EBIT reached 421 million euro. In its past fiscal year, the chain opened more than 100 new stores, including firsts in Georgia and Belarus. In total, the company now has a presence in 45 different countries.


Jysk's biggest leap came in its Eastern Europe region, where it also opened the most new stores. Poland is the group's most important market, while it also made major strides in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia. "We have every reason to be happy with the result. Our goal is to grow and make money and we have managed to reach that goal", owner Lars Larsen said.


To Belgium in 2017

For the first time since its Dutch introduction in 2006, Jysk has made a profit there. "The Netherland are a perfect example of why we should be patient. We knew we would turn a profit there eventually and now the time has come", Larsen said. Jysk will also open its very first Belgian stores next year, as part of its plan to open more than 100 new stores annually.