Private labels push Zooplus to 1.5 billion euro turnover

Private labels push Zooplus to 1.5 billion euro turnover

Animal products webshop Zooplus has reached the 1.5 billion euro turnover milestone in 2019. The company grew by 14 % last year, thanks to high-performing private labels.


Strong private labels

Zooplus has achieved a record turnover of 1.52 billion euros in 2019: the company's preliminary annual results show that the online retailer recorded a 14 % increase in turnover, accounting for 182 million euros in growth. The company's performance is in line with expectations.


Zooplus owes its growth mainly to strongly performing private labels, which are representing an increasingly bigger share of its turnover. In addition to better margins and faster marketing, private labels are also useful for quickly responding to consumer trends, managing director Robert Damen told Twinkle magazine.


"Thanks to the data, we know exactly what customers are missing", he said. "With our private labels, we are filling niches in food, for example when it comes to allergies. Moreover, we are filling gaps in the non-food range, where you have to think of certain basics or colours."


More services

Zooplus has been able to attract 3.1 million new customers, but is expecting even more consumers to take the step into e-commerce: the pure player hopes that half of all pet supplies will be purchased online in 5 to 10 years’ time. That share is currently between 15 and 20 %.


Towards the future, the pet shop wants to focus more on providing services, for instance through partnerships with veterinarians, grooming parlours and shelters. The company also thinks that it can be even more present at every stage of a pet’s life, from their birth to the end of their lives.