NYSE owner offers 27 billion for eBay

NYSE owner offers 27 billion for eBay
George Sheldon / Shutterstock.com

The owner of the New York Stock Exchange, Intercontinental Exchange, has issued a bid of thirty billion dollars for eBay. It is not the first time that the stock exchange company has shown interest in the bidding site.


Second time lucky?

eBay is said to have been approached by ICE, the operator of the New York Stock Exchange, with a takeover bid of some 27 billion euros, the Wall Street Journal writes based on internal sources. However, it is far from certain that eBay will agree to the attempt: ICE has approached the online marketplace before, but was rejected. Even now, despite the bid, no formal discussions are yet underway.


Nevertheless, the rumours turned out to be sufficient to immediately boost eBay's share price in New York by almost 11 %. Earlier this week, a shareholder had expressed his dissatisfaction with the stock market valuation for the online marketplace, which he believes is way too low.