Mondial Relay strengthens its presence in Europe

Mondial Relay strengthens its presence in Europe

Mondial Relay, a company distributing parcels through pick-up points, strengthens its position in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. The company will also start operating in Portugal.


Strong start in the Netherlands

In June this year, Mondial Relay Belgium crossed the border to the Netherlands. The network now consists of almost five hundred pick-up points, who collectively process around 3,500 parcels a day. Next year, the company wants to open a Dutch Mondial Relay division and add about a hundred new pick-up points to its network every month.


The distribution company is also growing rapidly in Belgium and Spain. Today, there are 1,200 operational pick-up points in Belgium already. The target is to expand to 2,000 over the course of next year. Spain will have around 2,900 pick-up points by the end of this year. The Spanish division of the company will also make the crossing to Portugal next year to build a new network there.


Increasing ease of use

Meanwhile, Mondial Relay continues to expand its services and is making it more user-friendly. For example, customers in France can print out their shipping label at the collection point or pick up their parcel using a pin code. Belgian customers will also have the opportunity to do that by the beginning of next year's second quarter.


Mondial Relay specialises in the delivery of parcels to private individuals and is active in 15 European countries already. The company now has a network of over 55,000 collection points.