Marketplace continues to grow

Sales by third parties continue to gain importance at Dutch retailer's marketplace. The number of active customers also continues to rise, as does the number of products on offer.


Nearly 60 % of total revenue

In both the Netherlands and Belgium, the share of revenue generated by partners has increased again over the past year. The increase in the Netherlands is the highest (+ 4.13 %), Belgian growth is only just over half of that (+ 2.21 %). In both countries, partners now represent almost 60 % of the total revenue, the company's new PlatformMonitor shows.


Last year, the number of new partners joining the platform skyrocketed, mainly because brick-and-mortar stores had to close their doors. This trend has now slowed down considerably: whereas more than 8,000 partners joined the platform between April and September 2020, 'only' 2,000 new partners joined in the same period this year. Just over a quarter of all partners (a slight increase) are using the advertising services also offers, with which partners can promote their products.


12 million new articles

Both in Belgium and the Netherlands, the number of active customers of the online store continues to grow. In September, had 2.8 million customers, approximately 250,000 more than six months ago.


It is also striking that the number of articles on offer has increased enormously in one year: as many as 12 million items were added (+ 42 %). At the time of the press release, was selling more than 38.2 million articles.