Marijn Dekkers is Unilever's new chairman

Marijn Dekkers is Unilever's new chairman

Marijn Dekkers, currently German Bayer's CEO, will become British-Dutch Unilever's new chairman in April, succeeding Michael Treschow.

Spur on growth markets

Treschow's 9-year reign as chairman will come to an end, which makes sense as that is the limit one can be chairman in Unilever. Michael Treschow became the company's first independent chairman of the board in 2007.


Marijn Dekkers became Bayer's CEO in 2010 and was responsible for the company's growth into Germany's largest listed company. He even helped double the company's share price, but announced in 2014 he would resign in 2016, making way for Werner Baumann.


He will face a difficult task at Unilever, to kickstart growth in emerging markets like China and Brazil, which represent 60 % of the company's growth, but have been sluggish as of late.