Increased prices generate growth for Unilever

Increased prices generate growth for Unilever

Unilever has seen its third quarter turnover grow because of higher prices, while its volume sold dropped slightly.

More ice cream sold because of decent weather

The third quarter's total turnover reached 13.4 billion euro, up 3.2 % compared to the year before. Higher prices were the sole reason for the increase, as the average price grew 3.6 % as opposed to the volume sold, which dropped 0.4 %.


The Refreshment division experienced the largest growth and it is Unilever's only division with volume growth as well. At 1.3 %, that volume growth was largely thanks to the decent European weather, which helped sell Magnum and Ben & Jerry's even more.


The Personal Care, Foods and Home Care divisions sold less, but that loss was offset by higher prices, although not every supermarket chain is happy with those increases. Tesco, for example, refuses to pay the additional charge, leading to shortages for several items. For its full fiscal year, Unilever still expects to grow faster than its competitors.