Hema is back on the right track

Hema is back on the right track

Dutch store chain Hema has finally managed to turn the tide according to the first quarter results it recently published: turnover grew and the net loss dropped.

Growth in every market

Over the first three months of its fiscal year, Hema generated a 283.4 million euro turnover, up 4.8 % compared to the year before. It was also a 2.7 like-for-like turnover increase and its EBITDA went from 15.8 to 17.9 million euro. Unfortunately for Hema, it still suffered a 12.4 million euro net loss, but that was down from last year’s 14.7 million euro net loss.


Household and care products produced the largest growth, with turnover up 9.7 %. Clothing sales went up 2.3 %, but food suffered a minor 0.7 % drop, partially because the company did not market it as much as before.


Dutch turnover grew 3.8 % to 217.9 million euro, but Belgium and Luxembourg did even better, up 5.5 % to 33.4 million euro. French turnover spiked 16.3 %, but Germany trumped everyone with a 29.5 % turnover increase.


“We made a good start to 2017, despite the fact that the first half year is traditionally a slower period for retailers. In the first quarter of the year. Our online sales were up significantly and sales were higher in all countries”, CEO Tjeerd Jegen said.