Health webshop Kazidomi makes international breakthrough

Kazidomi, a Belgian online platform for healthy and organic products, wants to triple its turnover this year by expanding its focus to countries like France, the Netherlands and Switzerland.


Onward to 15,000 subscribers

The start-up generated a 1.4 million-euro turnover in 2018, but that should rise to four million this year and ten million the year after. The French market represents 65 % of current turnover, Belgium 30 % and the Netherlands 3 %, but Kazidomi also British, German and Swiss customers. "Besides Belgium and France, our priority today is France, the Netherlands and Switzerland. We are also starting to look at the Scandinavian countries", founders Emna Everard and Alain Etienne stated in Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique.


The platform experienced its international breakthrough after the introduction of a subscription model that grants access to discounts of 20 to 50 % on all purchases. "The average amount spent was 50 euros before we introduced the subscriptions. Now that is 85 euros, while the frequency of purchase has almost doubled." The number of subscribers went from 1,200 in the middle of 2018 to 10,000 now: by the end of the year, there should be 15,000 subscribers. Women between 25 and 35 are Kazidomi's most important target audience.


The platform's range is also expanding, from 2,500 references at the moment to 3,500 by the end of the year. New products are often added to the range by customer demand. Initially, the focus was on healthy and organic food and care products. Soon, sustainability became another important factor. For example, the webshop now sells stainless steel drinking straws, reusable coffee filters and bamboo cotton swabs. The entrepreneurs believe Kazidomi's biggest asset is its convenience: environmentally conscious customers will find everything they need in one place and can have their products delivered at home at an attractive discount.