Great results and great prospects for RetailDetail

Foto RetailDetail

At the beginning of the new year, RetailDetail has published some excellent results. While all the branches are growing, 2019 appears to be very promising.


Important year

The four RetailDetail websites (Belgium - Dutch, Belgium - French, Netherlands - Dutch and Europe - English) attracted 2.6 million unique visitors who viewed 4.2 million pages, just shy of 30 % more than in 2017. The English version showed tremendous growth, for which we would like to thank all of our readers. 51.124 people are subscribed to one of our newsletters. Social media grew as well, lifting RetailDetail over 20,000 followers on Facebook, 7,000 on Twitter and 2,500 on LinkedIn. More recent is our Instagram channel, which grew rapidly to 850 followers and expands daily.


Other divisions show excellent results as well: the retailhub, RetailDetail's knowledge and inspiration centre, has managed to astonish 3,959 visitors. Meanwhile, the RetailDetail publication The Future of Shopping (written by Jorg Snoeck and Pauline Neerman) exceeded expectations with its Dutch and French edition and was voted Management book of the year 2018. An English version has just been published and is ready to wow a worldwide audience.


2019 will be an important year for RetailDetail: after last year's website relaunch with an even richer content, the newsletters will follow suit. A few new events will complete an already appealing schedule, while retailhunts will take retail managers looking for innovative ideas to Berlin, Bologna and New York, and even further afield to China and Japan. Most importantly, we have started the preparations for 'retailhub 2.0': an ambitious project to create a full retail laboratory that will be unique in the whole world! Stay tuned for more news!