Google opens store for Youtube products

Google opens store for Youtube products

Google will open a store in London where consumers can buy merchandise from famous Youtubers. The Creator Store will open next month and operate out of Google's London offices.

3 recording studios

Customers can buy shirts, books, frames and other items designed in collaboration with several popular YouTubers. New product launches and signing sessions will also take place in the new Youtube-focused store.


Google will not take a cut of the income, because it promises to give the Youtubers all the profits. If they so desire, the Youtubers can also use one of the three recording studios present in the store. A coffee bar and community area are the perfect location for meetings with subscribers as well.


The recording studios are filled with equipment that is usually out of an average Youtuber's range, like 4K cameras and plenty of VR equipment. YouTube will also create workshops in an attempt to improve the videos' quality. However, to use the recording studios, Youtubers need to have more than 10,000 subscribers.