Google appeals European fine after all

Google appeals European fine after all

Despite earlier indications that Google would just alter its Google Shopping approach to comply with European legislation, it has now decided to appeal the monster fine.

2.42 billion euro

In June, Google was given a 2.42 billion euro fine by the European Commission for the way it gave its own shopping service, Google Shopping, an edge over the competition. Google first indicated it would make the required changes, but will now appeal the decision, as confirmed by the European Court of Justice.


That decision may have been motivated by a ruling in another case: back in 2009, Intel was also given a 1 billion euro fine by Europe, for abuse of power in the microprocessor industry. The Court of Justice has now referred that case back to a lower court, because it may not have analysed every one of Intel’s arguments properly. Chances are Google may be hoping for a similar ruling.


Google is currently also involved in another court case, which targets its mobile operating system Android. The company is allegedly forcing manufacturers to install certain apps on smartphones or tablets.